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As professional caregivers your value to your clients and patients is in being a trusted provider and resource in your area of specialty whether you specialize in health care, operate as a care agency, practice as an attorney, as a financial advisor, or work in another professional caregiving specialty. For all in the caregiving industries, it is important to offer excellent service and to have trusted resources to refer clients and patients.

You know the reality:

  • Family caregivers will continue to assume increasing responsibility for loved ones and are lost, frustrated, and uncertain about their caregiving role and how to navigate the system that can be intimidating.

  • Family caregivers who are better educated are better advocates for loved ones and themselves.

  • The number of aging adults who need your services is increasing at a rapid rate. If your business or practice hasn’t grown, it will—but only if you beat your competition in service and intellectual capital (knowledge).

  • We’re all time constrained. It’s difficult to keep up with industry trends and the latest information while juggling our day to day work. I know this from personal experience.

My offer and value to you - my years of experience, knowledge, and my website, Pamela D. Wilson, that serves as a trusted source of caregiving information and features The Caring Generation FREE Library with articles, podcasts, videos, my book, and now webinars.

It’s the website to refer your clients and patients for valuable, relevant, and timely information and for you to use as a resource in educating your clients and patients.

I’ve reached the 20-year mark in the aging and caregiving industry and have helped thousands of caregivers individually through my website, radio program, and 1:1 prior work as a care manager, court-appointed guardian, and power of attorney.  

I advocate for better standards of care and partner with professionals in the care industry to educate family caregivers to be proactive advocates for their loved ones. My value to you as a resource partner is my breadth of experience.    

Check out the features of this newsletter and consider forwarding a copy to a colleague you feel might benefit from this information.

  • Click HERE to gain access to my Professional Caregiver Facebook Group called the Caregiving Collaborative that is by invitation only! You’re invited to join, post questions, and interact with colleagues – no self-promotion is allowed. I’ll pop into the group and answer your questions.

  • Read a timely article about interactions commonly experienced Why Loved Ones Refuse Care, that may support conversations with frustrated clients or patients.

  • A link to my first "On Demand" webinars on the subject of the benefit of care management. To attend my webinar on "Why Do I Need a Care Manager" click here to register and choose a time that works for you. This isn’t a normal "run of the mill webinar" – it’s better!  The length is about 22 minutes.

  • Access the FREE Caring Generation Library by clicking here.  You can check out family and professional caregiving articles and then join for more behind the scenes information. There’s no cost.

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Featured Article

Why Loved Ones Refuse Care
By Pamela D. Wilson, CSA, MS, BS/BA, CG

How many times do we express a concern and the person to whom we’re speaking offers a suggestion? How many times does our mind immediately dismiss the suggestion rather than being curious and asking more questions? It’s human nature to prefer to vent and complain rather than solve our own problems. There are even times when we become irritated with the person offering the suggestion when they are only trying to help.

If this closed-minded response exists with us in the normal course of life why do we expect the situation to be different when conversing with a friend or family member who has health concerns or with a parent who has care needs? Regardless of our age, our response to change or suggestions depends on our level of self-esteem and willingness to accept and implement new ways of thinking and actions. None of us want to be questioned about our ability to perform day to day activities, the way we manage our financial matters, choosing friends, the frequency of social activities, family relationships, our health, weight, or exercise frequency.

Yet it’s exactly these areas, that when we age, that become critical to maintaining independence. If we refuse to pay attention to these areas of our lives when younger, guess what? We become our aging parents who currently refuse suggestions and resist care. We create a future for ourselves that we experience with our aging parents today that results in frustration and struggle.

In gratitude and service for partnering with you to serve and educate family caregivers,

Pamela D. Wilson
Caregiving Expert, Advocate and Speaker
(303) 810-1816

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