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Who wouldn’t like to have an easier life with all of the routine day to day tasks magically completed—by someone else?

What would it be like to have dinner on the table, clean sheets on the bed, medical appointments scheduled and attended along with all of the corresponding follow ups completed, in home caregivers managed, groceries delivered, pets taken to the vet, toilets repaired, medications delivered, and a seemingly never-ending list of other projects completed?

  • Sound like a dream? The Care Navigator care management program helps families and caregivers eliminate overwhelm, frustration, anxiety, and guilt.

As a care manager our staff is like a personal assistant who solves simple or complex problems. Care management can be as brief as a once a month check in 10-minute phone call to a mother or father, a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly check in visit, or a comprehensive system of managing, overseeing, and coordinating health care and home needs.

Many times, the idea of care management is the "door opener" conversation that provides options to families who have little understanding of the support that exists.

  • The Care Navigator care management allows families to be families—meaning that the children or the caregiving spouse are relieved not to be the caregiver who spends hours or days in the activity of caregiving. We manage all the details—big or small.

The Care Navigator has served in situations where adult children with professional careers don’t have the time to commit to the care of a parent and the parent calls daily for assistance. We take the calls and provide the support. We help caregiving spouses who are exhausted and need time away even if only for a few hours or days each week. We provide support for adult children who care about parents but can’t agree about the type of care that should be provided.

  • Time poverty is real—there’s not enough hours in the day or days in the week to accomplish everything. Adult children and other family members have their own lives and simply can’t do it all. Full time caregivers need a break. Care oversight provides that needed break.

Check out my article "How Can a Care Manager Help Me." Help your clients or patients who are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, guilty by suggesting a FREE 15-minute consultation for The Care Navigator’s care management services. A simple call from your or your client at 303-810-1816 starts the process.

10 Ways a Care Manager Can Help Me
  • Caring for your loved one makes you feel guilty, angry, frustrated, or uncertain. Are you doing the right thing? Are you afraid of making mistakes? A care manager has the expertise to guide you in making the best decisions for a loved one.
  • Are you feeling alone, embarrassed, unable or afraid to speak up for your own care and needs? Do you feel that providers know that you don’t know the right questions to ask? We know the questions and will be a tireless advocate for your needs.
  • Are you exhausted from caregiving for a loved one and feel you can’t say no? Maybe it’s time to accept help before your health fails and you are unable to care for your loved one. We’ll manage and oversee as little or as many details as you like. Let us take the pressure away from your role as a caregiver. Isn’t it time for a break?
  • Is the stress of your care situation affecting your home and work life or creating family conflict? Are you doing all the work and it’s still not enough? Has the relationship with siblings spiraled out of control? We coordinate and take care of family members to eliminate or reduce family conflict. Drama queens be gone!
  • Do you want to remain at home but aren’t sure how to make that happen? We supervise in home care situations and all the related details of daily life.
  • Are you or a loved one experiencing health changes and you don’t feel the medical professionals have appropriately identified the problem? We don’t give up. We ask questions until we find the answers. We’re not intimidated by doctor’s who don’t like questions or other staff who don’t really seem to care about your loved one. We care.
  • Are you getting the run around from your long-term care or other insurance company about benefits, treatments, etc. We’ll ask the right questions and initiate claims.
  • Are you dissatisfied with your in-home care agency? Caregivers who don’t show up? Caregivers whose personal calls and cellphones seem more important than you? We supervise in home care agencies to make certain our clients receive better than average care.
  • Are you unsure if your care community is providing all of the services they promised? We’ll ask the right questions, request care meetings, and ensure you receive what you need.
  • Are you interested in "getting better" but you don’t know how? As care manager we’ll help stabilize your care situation and, in some cases, can deliver results to help you improve.

Support for Professional Caregivers

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If The Care Navigator has been of assistance to you, we sincerely appreciate other individuals and caregivers you send to us for assistance. We do our best to make sure that your confidence in us is returned.  Please email me at
or call me (303) 810-1816 if you have questions about how The Care Navigator might assist you or those you know.  You may also review our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Visit our website,, to learn more about our services. We look forward to serving you or someone you know.   

In gratitude and service,

Pamela D. Wilson, The Care Navigator
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